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W66 All Surface Spray

A window and mirror cleaner which is also suitable for use on plastics, fabric, upholstery, carpet,
cotton fabrics, perspex, laminex and painted surfaces.

Quick drying and non-streaking.  Contains an “anti-static” that will repel dust, keeping surfaces cleaner longer, and is ideal to use
on computer and TV screens. W66 is self-drying and leaves no residues that will attract further soils and grime.

 066C 500ml 6
066R 4lt 4
066T 20lt each


Panel Solvit


Sovit product 

Solvit Organic Citrus Clean

100% natural raw materials utilising the acid from orange peels and the distilled solvent from sugar cane.
A natural super-strength cleaning solvent!
A multi-purpose cleaner/stain remover.
Solvit will remove glues, adhesives, gum, ink, dye, sap, wax, graffiti, tar, crater grease and much more.

Solvit Citrus Clean utilises superior levels of the active ingredient from the orange peel.
Many "other" citrus cleaners use a synthetic or perfume boost.

 260C 500ml 6
260N 4lt 4
260T 20lt each