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Tool Tonic Cutting Fluid


Tool Tonic is a truly remarkable cutting fluid for all moving parts and cutting edges, as it halves the effort and energy
to perform all cutting jobs, domestic and industrial.

It is specially designed to give you an improved cutting or drilling edge.
This is achieved by constant lubrication and controlling temperature to maintain maximum performance,
better efficiency,
safety and preservation. It also makes your equipment last longer and prevents rusting of all machined and raw metal.
Tool Tonic was developed in Australia by Australian manufacturer Lightning Products Pty Ltd.
Tool Tonic is made from 100% environmentally
friendly ingredients including lanolin, eucalyptus and natural fatty acids which are proven to be more
effective than petroleum based products.

It will also preserve all woodworking tools and wood cutting process.
It is the only cutting fluid on the market in Australia in a convenient easy-to-use spray pump pack.

 116CCD 500ml 4