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These rediscovered formulations are the original products manufactured by 'The Standard Grease and Oil Company', during the 1800's where rare and exotic raw materials were used such as Pine Needle, Tea Tree and Almond Oil's were found most effective and beneficial.  In 1925 the company was devastated by fire and the formulations were lost.  However, due to research of the original patents, the formulations have been successfully rediscovered and are available for you today.



 leatherlife cleaner 500ml 071c

Removes all soils that would inhibit penetration to any further treatment. This is a non waterbased cleaner.



Leatherlife oil 072c

For very dry or cracked leather. To be painted on or wiped over the pre cleaned leather throroughly until no more can be absorbed.  Will not stain or leave oily residue, safe against fabric. Will not swell or tarnish. Will transform the oldest leather into a soft and flexible state. It brings it back to life.



leatherlife main cream 500ml 067c

Is used to maintain treated or new leather. Simply wipe on with a cloth every four to six months, ensuring you cover fine detailed areas. Apply more frequently for warmer climates. Maintaining the leather will prolong the life and use of item.


 leather repair 01

 leather car interior 02


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