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With all the products to clean your entire house.
Euca Laundry Powder
A high-quality laundry powder for machine washing.
Euca Fabric Conditioner
Conditions your clothes and linen.
Euca Laundry Liquid
Fast acting laundry liquid to dissolve stubborn stains.
Euca Laundry Soaker
Brighten and remove stains from whites and coloured fabrics.
Dish Genie Dish Washing Powder
A commercial formulation Automatic Dishwasher Powder with Rinse Aid.
Revive Cream
Hand Care
Hand cream to repair and condition skin.
Barrier Cream
Hand Care
Creates an insulating barrier between skin and harsh soils.
Botanical Hand & Body Wash
Hand Care
Hand & Body Wash to clean and nourish your skin without removing the skins natural oils.
Euca Castile Hand and Body Wash
Hand Care
Natural Hand wash made from coconut and olive oil.
Flash Wash
Auto and Outdoor
Specialty vehicle wash with rust inhibitor and water soluble wax.
Fresh Hand Cleaner
Hand Care
Hand cleaner with Eucalyptus Oil and Pumice for the garden or garage.
Lightning Orange Pumice
Hand Care
Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner with pumice.
Lightning Orange Cream
Hand Care
Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner for the garden or garage.
Maintenance Leather Cream
Auto and Outdoor
Used to maintain treated or new leather. Simply wipe on every four to six months.
Rejuvenating Leather Oil
Auto and Outdoor
For very dry or cracked leather. Will not stain or leave any oily residue, safe against fabric.
Pre-Treatment Leather Cleaner
Auto and Outdoor
Removes all soils that would inhibit penetration of any further treatment.
Brite Lightning Metal Polish
Auto and Outdoor
Suitable for all metals including aluminium and stainless steel.
W66 All Surface Cleaner
Surface Cleaners
An all surface, spray on wipe off, non-residue cleaner.
Tuff Auto/Outdoor
Auto and Outdoor
All surface Cleaner/Degreaser.

Lightning Cleans

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