About Us

Charles Henry Goodall was involved in the research and distillation of eucalyptus oil in the 1930’s. He then bought a small factory in Fitzroy that made a brand of soap called ‘Red Star’. The business was registered as Chemical Refining Company in the 1940’s, still making the ‘Red Star’ soap and distilling eucalyptus oil. Jump ahead to the early 1970’s and Leigh, the son of Charles, acquired a brand of hand cleaner called Lightning. Leigh went on to further develop cleaning products for the company and others by utilising natural raw materials, adding the distillation of orange peel oil in the 1980’s to the company’s expertise.

In the early 1990’s Leigh’s daughter Kerrie joined the company with a focus on strengthening the company’s brands and distribution. Lightning’s management team have an average 15+ years experience in the business and strive to continue to offer the best products for efficacy and environmental integrity, with an added focus on customer service too.


Penrite Acquires Lightning in  2018

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